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Wool tapestry, 'Mixed Figures' (Peru)

Credits to NOVICA

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Wool tapestry, 'Mixed Figures' (Peru) Review

This is my second Wool tapestry, 'Mixed Figures' (Peru), bacause I broke the first one, and it surprised me as it did the first time. Also this time the price is much lower, thanks NOVICA.

Wool tapestry, 'Mixed Figures' (Peru) Description

A web of stepped diamonds houses myriad figures in this exciting tapestry. Animals and symbols alight on the transitional background, their warm colors contrasting the sea of earth tones. Offer a dynamic Andean touch to any tasteful setting with this exquisite work. Cerapio Vallejo and his family translate the Andean landscape and its culture onto handmade tapestries, employing both realistic figures and meaningful abstractions. Hailing from the southern highlands of Peru, Vallejo maintains weaving traditions he has practiced since childhood, elaborating his pieces on one of eight looms he constructed by hand.