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TrimPal - Dry Trimming Machine - 2 Unit

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TrimPal - Dry Trimming Machine - 2 Unit Review

I ordered TrimPal - Dry Trimming Machine - 2 Unit and looks better than on images.

TrimPal - Dry Trimming Machine - 2 Unit Description

The Trim Pal is made in the USA, has a Dayton motor, and can process up to 4 LBS of plant material an hour at hand trim quality. Trim Pal is better than hand trimming for dry material. The machine does not chop or cut, but does more of a pulling action. Return on investment is based on your crop size, but usually is 1 season. The TrimPal utilizes a new and effective design to trim leafy plant material quickly and easily. TrimPal is user-friendly and needs only one person to operate. The TrimPal significantly reduces the cost and time involved in manicuring your product. A precision laser cut design complements with the most reliable names in parts and powder coated by certified techs, providing a high quality and dependable machine. A 15 minute interval timer allows for setting an optimal time frame for trimming. TrimPal does not chop, or cut but creates more of a gentle pulling action on undesired long leaves. Easy to Operate Operating the TrimPal is a breeze for one person, just load and set the timer. No Blades The Proprietary pulling action allows for minimal friction and damage to the biomass being processed. Throughput per hour: 2-3 lbs per hour 17 rpm geared brushless dayton motor Weight: 55lbs Basket Size: 11" 15 minute timer Overheat kill switch 3 amp start - 1.5-2 amp running Dryness Specification: When stems snap cleanly Cleaning Recommendation: Every 250 lbs