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Traitor Slot Bike 2015

Credits to evo

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Traitor Slot Bike 2015 Review

Traitor Slot Bike 2015 from Traitor is just incredible! At this 979.00 , this is must-buy product, if you want some exercise bikes .

Traitor Slot Bike 2015 Description

Nothing could be finer than to ride your 29er, especially when it's the Traitor Slot Bike and you're loaded up and headed for the hills. The Slot is a new adventure touring model based on a 29"" mountain bike frame but without suspension and with plenty of braze-on connections to carry camping gear. Load it up with front and rear panniers and feel the joy of being self sufficient for days or weeks at a time. When you're back from your trip, pull the racks off and you have a burly commuter rig that's equally at home rolling the bike trail or hopping curbs in the 'hood. *Please note: All Traitor bikes ship with a partial factory build and will need further assembly. If you need help putting your bike together, please contact an evo service center or a local authorized bicycle retailer for assistance.*