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Pivot Mach 4 Carbon XT Complete Mountain Bike - 2015

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Pivot Mach 4 Carbon XT Complete Mountain Bike - 2015 Review

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Pivot Mach 4 Carbon XT Complete Mountain Bike - 2015 Description

Pivot may be turning a page with the new Mach 4 Carbon Complete Mountain Bike, but it's clearly still reading from the same book. Some of these changes are as drastic as a move from 26 to 27. 5 wheels, which strike a neat balance between nimble 26ers and steamrolling 29ers. This complements the larger-than-it-seems 115mm of travel, which combines with the fast geometry and DW-Link suspension for a ride that's both speed-hungry and seemingly bottomless on big hits. Despite changes like that, the Mach 4 still abides by the playbook of Pivot founder Chris Cocalis. Ride quality always comes first. This ethos is reflected in the Mach 4's frame material, which sees Pivot move from aluminum to carbon. The new, all carbon Mach 4 enjoys gains in all the good areas: torsional strength, weight loss, and stiffness. To maximize those gains, Pivot uses varying moduli of carbon fibers depending on considerations of frame geometry and impact on ride quality. These materials are laid-up according to the Arizona-based company's hollow core internal molding technology, which grants the manufacturers precise control over the pressure used to compact every square inch of the frame. The universally loved DW-link suspension is one feature that we're happy to see return. It's a design that convincingly illustrates our earlier claim that efficient pedaling and bump compliance are not mutually exclusive courtesy of its anti-squat characteristics. When you're on your bike, the center of mass is somewhere near your belly button. Every time you accelerate, this mass shifts rearward, loading the rear suspension. The DW-link counteracts your shifting mass to minimize bio-impact on the rear suspension. All of which is a tidy bit of marketing copy that translates to the trail like so: The ride is firm and responsive while you're hammering, but it glides over rocks, roots, and ruts. You can tune the bike's suspension as you see fit, too, with the Kashima-coated FLOAT CTD shock that FOX made in...