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Ornata Pendant by LBL Lighting

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Ornata Pendant by LBL Lighting Review

LBL Lighting did it again! Excelent product for excelent price. I've got my Ornata Pendant by LBL Lighting today and I cannot keep my hands off it.

Ornata Pendant by LBL Lighting Description

The LBL Lighting Ornata Pendant sparks the imagination with its ornate molded texture and mysterious lighting effect. A special treatment process ensures the shade is opaque when turned off and translucent once lit, allowing the vibrant underlying glass to shine through. A single light source is fastened within, providing a diffused, ambient glow as well as direct downward lighting through the open base. For more than 40 years, Illinois-based LBL Lighting has created innovative lighting fixtures based on the principles of beauty, originality and quality. Such values remain evident in their current line of fixtures, which feature distinctive elements like organic art glass, solid construction and the latest low voltage and LED lighting technology.