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Loire Quilt by DwellStudio

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Loire Quilt by DwellStudio Review

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Loire Quilt by DwellStudio Description

A lovely layer for your modern bedding set. Made entirely out of soft, easy-to-care-for cotton, the DwellStudio Loire Quilt has geometric stitching inspired by sharp Art Deco patterns. While great all on its own over sheets during the summer, the Loire Quilt is particularly effective together with other patterned bedding when cooler autumn weather blows in. DwellStudio, founded in 1999 by Christiane Lemieux, specializes in home furnishings steeped in modern design. With a unique sense of color and a strong commitment to quality and innovation, DwellStudio continues to create its own distinctive interpretation of modern home furnishings. In the same creative spirit, the company encourages their customers to experiment with mixing various DwellStudio textile lines together.