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Hazy Day Pendant by Marset

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Hazy Day Pendant by Marset Review

Hazy Day Pendant by Marset is my most favourite pendant lights! Price of 710.00 is also great :) I <3 this shop!

Hazy Day Pendant by Marset Description

An imperfect sphere, the Marset Hazy Day Pendant is a gradation of a frosty matte finish to clear with a slight rounded projection at its base that supports the bulb within. The change in glass clarity diffuses the light differently from each vantage point, inspired by a hazy sunrise when the fog has yet to dissipate. Marset is a Barcelona-based company dedicated to creating warm contemporary lighting with a underlying sense of comfort and character, enhancing otherwise impersonal residential and commercial spaces. The Marset mood is minimalist, subtle, with an aesthetic appeal that stems from an illuminate, not dazzle philosophy.