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Futurama Fry Costume

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Futurama Fry Costume Review

I'm very glad with the Futurama Fry Costume and will be buying it again and again. This girls became as expected very good priced and cargo ships was alright.

Futurama Fry Costume Description

A day in the life of Philip J. Fry would be a very interesting day. He's got a borderline alcoholic robot for a best friend, a crush on a one-eyed mutant, and a mad scientist as a a relative. Oh yea, plus he's an interstellar delivery boy so he's always off doing something wild. If you're in the mood to have an extraordinary day, then why not dress in this Futurama Fry Costume. Who knows, you could very well meet a one-eyed lady. Just be very careful of brain slugs. They have a tendency to be attracted to Fry for some odd reason...