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FlavorFul 8% Humic Acid Derivative Gallon: J

Credits to Kalyx

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FlavorFul 8% Humic Acid Derivative Gallon: J Review

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FlavorFul 8% Humic Acid Derivative Gallon: J Description

FlavorFul is a strong solution of 8% refined Humic acid concentrate, a little known and highly useful additive. The majority of refined Humic acid formulas on the market are .01% concentration. The clear appearance of these watered down derivatives is an indication of the low concentration. FlavorFul is 8% refined Humic acid with a dark, amber color indicating the high concentration. FlavorFul is comprised of long chains of organic carboxyl and polyhydroxide acids. This complex molecule is very active with many open rings, giving it a large capacity to hold and exchange nutritive cations and anions. This beneficial exchange of ions enhances cell wall permeability throughout the root and leaf systems and increases negatively charged colloidal particles capable of holding and exchanging cations. Electrolytes are the key to healthy ion exchanges in plants and animals. Just as an athlete's body needs electrolytes to maintain proper function on the field, plants thirst for electrolytes to optimize health and to maintain sustained vigorous growth. FlavorFul contains electrolytes that stimulate plant walls, resulting in smooth and consistent uptake and delivery of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and trace elements in soil and fertilizers. DIRECTIONS: Add 1-5 mL per gallon of water or nutrient solution. DERIVED FROM: Leonardite. Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredient: 8% Refined Humic Acid FOR BEST RESULTS: Always use unchlorinated water, maintain and adjust pH levels between 5.5 and 7.0, and check reservoir after adding all nutrients. Oxygenate water before and during application. To prevent nutrient settling, always use a pump at the bottom of the reservoir to continually agitate and mix the nutrient water during application.