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Dragon NFXS Tear-Offs 20 Pack

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Dragon NFXS Tear-Offs 20 Pack Review

I am very pleased with the Dragon NFXS Tear-Offs 20 Pack. I use it all the time. I wish that I had this additional sooner.

Dragon NFXS Tear-Offs 20 Pack Description

These tear-offs fit the Dragon NFXs goggle. If you're part of the motocross crowd, you recognize the value of tear-offs for a set of goggles. In the middle of a moto, you don't have time to clean off your goggles. It could mean the difference between a podium finish or not. At the same time, if you can't see, you can't effectively race. But with tear-offs, you can quickly clear your view. That's why no set of motocross goggles is complete without tear-off equipment. The Dragon NFXs goggles have lens-mounted posts designed for tear-offs, making them an excellent choice for any motocross racer. Pick up a pack of these tear-offs today to get ready for your next moto! Tear-offs for the Dragon NFXS goggle