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Dimplex 25 Landscape Firebox

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Dimplex 25 Landscape Firebox Review

If you love Dimplex, you won't be disappointed with this nice sprinkler heads. I really love it!

Dimplex 25 Landscape Firebox Description

The Dimplex 25 Landscape Firebox (DF2550) keeps you cozy with effective heating, realistic styling and easy-to-use operation. Warmth and elegance is as simple as plugging in and turning on, without the expense and dangerous carbon monoxide emissions of a real flame. The life-like glow is an instant conversation piece and can be used with or without heat for refined ambiance all year long. The efficient heater warms your entire room safely and affordably. The perfect solution for home heating, the Dimplex 25 Landscape Firebox fits into your existing fireplace and plugs into a standard household outlet. Instant Warmth: Provides heat up to 400 ft. Intelligent Heat Feature: Operates quietly as it self-adjusts the fan speed Self-trimming Design: No renovations required