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Carina Pendant by Hennepin Made

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Carina Pendant by Hennepin Made Review

I'm enjoying the Carina Pendant by Hennepin Made. I would recommend it to all my friends. It has smooth design and it is obvious that it's manufactured to perfection.

Carina Pendant by Hennepin Made Description

The Hennepin Made Carina Pendant is short and sweet, featuring a beautifully shaped hand-blown glass shade below a spun aluminum cap. The glassa"hand-blown in their Minneapolis studioa"is pulled at the base ever-so-slightly, giving a soft point at the base similar to the silhouette of an acorn. Designed to accompany multiple pendants in clusters, the petite size is exceedingly versatile, and can stand alone or in linear installations as well. Sharing the common belief that handmade products have an essential place in our culture and everyday life, Joe Limpert and Jackson Schwartz founded Hennepin Made in 2011. Both trained in the ancient artisan practice of glass blowing, the Minneapolis-based glass studio approaches design with a literal hands-on approach, infusing meaning into their objects through craftsmanship, detailed design and the heritage of the product and material medium.