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Assos intermediateHeadband S7 Black Volkanga, II

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Assos intermediateHeadband S7 Black Volkanga, II Review

This sports & outdoors arrived shortly and ive had em since December and ive had no problems since would recomend to anyone that needs sports & outdoors!

Assos intermediateHeadband S7 Black Volkanga, II Description

By keeping your head cool while you're putting in mileage, the vents on your helmet serve their purpose in the summer. However, as the seasons change, you need less ventilation while you ride. Luckily, the solution to this problem is simple -- keep your head and ears warm with an Assos intermediateHeadband S7 under your helmet. In true Assos fashion, the ultrathin, low-volume intermediateHeadband S7 serves a dual purpose under your skid cap during cooler days in the spring and fall. Made from the lightweight polypropylene and elastane fabrics, the one-piece construction of hollow fibers sits snugly around your head to warm your forehead and ears. Additionally, the seamless, ultra-flat construction minimizes abrasion between the helmet and your skin. Aside from the warming qualities of the headband, it also an efficient moisture manager. This saves your helmet pads from absorbing moisture on arduous climbs -- moisture that only stands to chill you on the descent. For proclamation of your Assos passion, color contrasting Assos logos are sublimated on the front and back of the headband. The Assos intermediateHeadband S7 is available in the colors Black Volkanga and White Panther and in the sizes 0, I, and II.