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Assos cS.Uno Skinsuit - Men's Black, M

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Assos cS.Uno Skinsuit - Men's Black, M Review

Assos Assos cS.Uno Skinsuit - Men's Black, M is just amazing! It is much worth than what you pay at Competitive Cyclist.

Assos cS.Uno Skinsuit - Men's Black, M Description

Thanks to the march of technology, skinsuits are not fast enough; you now need a swiftsuit in order to keep up. Assos has taken up the challenge and offers a one-piece suit that is faster than your skinsuit, the cS. Uno. cS is short for Chronosuit, which is an outfit for shaving time. The Assos cS. Uno is faster in a number of different ways. For one thing, it was designed to fit right only when in a racing position. When you contort yourself into it, it will feel too small. Stand up straight, and the front of the neck will pull down to the point that people might politely tell you that you should have sized up. Smile when you hear this. It means it fits right. Loose clothing is slow clothing. Ripples in fabric flap when wind passes over them and disturbs the air flow. So Assos has finger-loops at the ends of their sleeves so the sleeve won't ride up the wrist and leave extra fabric for the wind to grab. Assos also made the cS. Uno faster by mixing in different kinds of spandex for the different panels. See the shiny stuff? Look at how the quad panels reflect light. This material is slipperier to the wind, called low volume, low air resistant spandex. But they haven't made the entire suit out of it because it doesn't breathe well. So they use it strategically. Likewise, they have A. Plethon spandex for the sleeves. This material is stretchier than regular spandex. Good for places where you need some movement. It also allows the suit to fit a wide range of body sizes. But if they made the whole suit of out this, it would be too stretchy. The rest is Assos' regular Type A430 spandex. Leg grippers are stitched to the edge of the short legs; it's a design Assos has found more comfortable than running the gripper under the edge. This being Assos, there are a few things you can't see. There's a mesh radio pocket inside the suit. You can find it in the back, stitched to the seam between the top and the bottom, in the middle. They also have a small external zip po...