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3T Ergonova Pro Handlebar

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3T Ergonova Pro Handlebar Review

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3T Ergonova Pro Handlebar Description

Aluminum tubing has come a long way since the days when you could only get it in three shapes: round, round, or round. With the ability to shape aluminum tubing just about any way they want, bicycle component manufacturers can shape aluminum to do amazing things, like reducing fatigue after hours in the saddle. The 3T Ergonova Pro Alloy Handlebar does just that. By carefully shaping the tubing to fit the shape of your hand in its various positions on the handlebars, the Ergonova provides a more comfortable perch for your paws during every stage of your ride.The Pro level offers the ideal balance between top-flight performance and feet-on-ground price. And beyond the price issue, you get the supreme reliability of its AL7075 alloy construction, which keeps the weight reasonable at 265g (42mm width) while offering all the piece of mind that goes hand in hand with alloy bars. The Ergonova Pro shares the same shape and drop characteristics that you'll find in the Team and LTD versions. This means that the top of the bars are egg or tear-drop shaped, which is intended to give your hands a flatter, more comfortable surface to hold onto. Not only do these bars come in an array of widths ranging from 38 to 44cm (c-c) , but the reach is quite moderate at 77mm and the drop is a comfortable 123mm. Whereas a bar like the FSA Wing Pro has a 145mm drop making it very difficult for a rider with small hands to reach the brake levers while in the drops, the 123mm Ergonova drop is much closer to what one would find in a shallow, classic shape bar, giving greater ease of access to the levers and other controls. Available in sizes 38cm-44cm (center-center) in 2cm increments. Compatible with 31. 8mm stems only.