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30 Amp RV Voltage Regulator

Credits to Camping World

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30 Amp RV Voltage Regulator Review

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30 Amp RV Voltage Regulator Description

They continuously monitor line voltage conditions and use a special transformer to increase the incoming voltage to an acceptable level when incoming line voltage is low enough to cause damage to RV air conditioners, refrigerators and other electrical accessories. Seamlessly switches between two modes of operation: Boost Mode-raises output voltage by 10% if incoming line voltage is between 95 Volts to 110 Volts. Bypass Mode-passes input voltage directly to the output when incoming line voltage is above 110 Volts or below 95 VoltsThe LED Status/Fault Indicator Panel shows line conditions and voltage status. Each line voltage control circuit operates independently so that an increase in power only occurs on the required line. Fault tolerant units suffer no damage if an open neutral results in high voltage on one incoming line. Voltage Regulators work with Surge Guard power protection devices (sold separately) to provide surge/spike/miswired pedestal protection to RV and appliances. Rain-tight metal case features mounting feet that elevate it off the ground so it doesn't sit in standing water when used outdoors. It can also be mounted inside a well-ventilated RV storage compartment.